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Who Uses Kyd's Excel Dashboards?

Banks Around the World Using Kyd's Excel Dashboard Reports

These banks around the world all have employees who use Kyd Dashboards to bring more insight to their management reporting.

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As the Related links at the right illustrate, many brilliant and perceptive Excel users around the world—in both large and small orgainizations—use my dashboard products.

These aren't the only organizations whose employees use my dashboard products; they're just the ones I could find quickly in my customer files. (Please see my Disclaimer about organizations that use Kyd's Dashboard Reports for Excel.)

Learn how to produce your own professional-quality Excel dashboard reports by tomorrow.

Banks Around the World Using Kyd's Excel Dashboard Reports


Kyd Excel dashboard users by country.

Kyd Excel Dashboard users by industry.

Kyd dashboard testimonials.

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"Our company’s President, CEO and Board members were blown away by the format and summarized information."  Ron Barrett

"We love your e-book and have deployed a good number of dashboard using it !!! Our Clients think we are gods..."  John Clark

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