Thursday, February 22, 2024
Here's how to add sources and uses of funds to your company's Balance Sheet in Excel to get a clearer picture of how the changes affect your cash flow.

Use this Excel ‘Cash Flow Balance Sheet’ to See Sources & Uses of Funds...

For most businesses, cash flow is more important than profits and losses. The reason is clear. A profitable company with negative cash flows may not...
If you track Accounts Receivable the way most companies do—with Days Sales Outstanding in Receivables (DSO)—you probably know less about your receivables than you think. There's a better way, which also can improve your cash flow forecasts.

Use Excel to Fix Your Broken AR Measure of Days Sales Outstanding in Receivables

During tough economic times it's particularly important to manage your Accounts Receivable balance carefully. Unfortunately, the traditional way to measure AR performance is badly...
Does your company need to make scheduled payments to companies that don't send invoices? This worksheet will help to plan those cash requirements.

Manage Periodic Payments with an Excel Cash Calendar

Most companies must write checks periodically to companies that don't send invoices. Often, their accounting systems provide little help in keeping track of these...
A simple change to your Excel-generated balance sheet can give your managers key information to help them manage cash flow more effectively.

Add Cash Flow Information to Your Excel Balance Sheets

When most people look at financial statements they tend to concentrate on the income statement, and ignore the balance sheet. The most likely reason...

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Growing too fast can be dangerous to your company's health. Use the Sustainable Growth Rate ratio to track your company's financial ability to grow.

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