Sunday, October 25, 2020
The Wall Street Journal wrote that companies are dropping Excel because it doesn't work well with data—a problem that was solved more than twenty years ago.

How Your Company Can Work Without Limits in Excel

"CFOs at companies including P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Inc., ABM Industries Inc. and Wintrust Financial Corp. are on a similar drive to reduce how...

How to Reproduce Your Excel Work Across Many Categories, Part 3 of 3

Part 1 of this series about analytical spawning with Excel described how Excel users often need to spawn one model or report across many related...
Here's how to apply an Excel report, forecast, or analysis for one product, division, or other categoy to any number of categories. Part 2 of 3.

How to Reproduce Your Excel Work Across Many Categories, Part 2 of 3

As I explained in Part 1 of this series, Excel users often need to apply many instances of data to one model or forecast, list...
Here's how we Excel users can replicate one report or analysis across many similar categories of data, like regions, products, departments, and so on.

How to Reproduce Your Excel Work Across Many Categories, Part 1 of 3

A member of an Excel forum recently asked how to solve a problem that many Excel users face in various forms. In his particular case,...

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Here's how to boost your Excel output, slash your Excel errors, and improve your Excel reports and analyses—whether you work for a large or small company.

How to Be Significantly More Productive in Excel

The Excel charts below are professional-quality. But that's not what makes them so unusual. Instead... ● You can update them in a few seconds, with...
Use this Excel dashboard to track 27 economic indicators of the United States' recovery from the Covid-19 recession.

Learn How to Use Excel to Track the US Recovery from the Covid Recession

The Covid recession is the worst recession the world has experienced since the Great Depression. And the Recovery Tracker workbook and Excel training can...
This Excel dashboard report lets you follow key economic trends while showing you how to gain a HUGE increase in your Excel productivity at work.

Track Key Economic Indicators Every Weekday with this Excel Dashboard

You can update this Excel dashboard report every weekday—with one command—if you have Excel 2016 or above. This report of current economic data introduces you...