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Conditional Formatting

Conditional reporting can often seem like magic. These posts and articles show conditional reporting in action.

Here's how to use a formula that returns TRUE or FALSE in Excel's conditional formatting feature to highlight rows that contain specific numbers or text.

How to Use Conditional-Format Formulas to Change Background Colors

"I have an Excel table with a column that will be filled with 'yes' or 'no. When a user enters 'yes' to a cell,...
To use Account Groups in Excel formulas, you first must define the groups. Here’s how to do it using either simple lists or Dynamic Arrays.

How to Define General Ledger Account Groups in Excel

In Part 1 of this series, How to Report GL Account Groups in Excel, we explored the strategy for creating financial reports that use...
This Excel map relies on conditional formatting to highlight areas of interest.

How to Set Up a Square-Format U.S. Map in Excel

For several years, the Wall Street Journal has occasionally used a square-format US map like the following image. But when I noticed a recent...
When you combine conditional formatting with charts you can create detailed chart legends that match the relative positions of the lines in your chart.

How to Create Dynamic Chart Legends in Excel

When I saw a chart designed like the ones below in the Wall Street Journal, I knew I had to create one just like...
Here's how to use formulas and conditional formatting to expand or contract your Excel report automatically, without macros, when you change a cell value.

Create Variable-Length, Dynamic Reports Linked to Excel Tables

Excel Tables are a powerful feature introduced in Excel 2007. Not only can you report from them directly, you can use them as a...
Conditional formatting with formulas offers power and flexibility for your Excel reports. Here's how to get started.

Conditional Formatting with Formulas

Excel offers two types of conditional formatting. Although both types are very useful, one of them is more widely used than the other…probably because...
A manager needs to assign employee color codes to various tasks they perform for customers. Here's one way to do it with Excel's conditional formatting.

Use Conditional Formatting with Formulas to Manage Employee Tasks

"I have a simple Excel sheet with a list of to-do items down the left hand column. I have clients along the top. For...
When conditional formatting rules conflict, Excel can deliver unexpected formatting results. These two guidelines make Excel's logic clear.

How Excel Manages Conflicting Conditional Formats with Formulas

When we're working with conditional formatting with formulas, how does Excel manage conditional formatting rules that conflict with each other? And how does the "Stop...

How to Set Up Multiple Conditional Formats with Formulas

In How to Set Up a Square-Format U.S. Map in Excel, I showed how to create a square-format US map in Excel. I also...

Latest Articles

Two unusual formulas can use the SEARCH or FIND functions to search any number of cells for any number of words—almost instantly.

How I Set Up SEARCH and FIND Formulas on Steroids

I've used Excel long enough to recognize when I've stumbled across an unusual formula. And it happened again a few minutes ago. In the past,...
Use this unique Excel dashboard to track the general rate of inflation, your personal rate, and the rate of the goods and services you buy.

Inflation Tracker Excel Dashboard with Consumer Prices

U.S. President John F. Kennedy once said of a growing economy, "A rising tide lifts all boats." However, a rising inflationary tide does not lift...
Excel's Quick Access Toolbar can save you many clicks and needless work. Here are the eight QAT tools that I use, and how I use them.

Eight Great Tools for Your Quick Access Toolbar

I use eight great tools in my Quick Action Toolbar (QAT), and you might want to consider using them yourself. Before I get into the...