Tuesday, June 4, 2024

The First Excel Dashboard Report

The Excel dashboard below is from the first-ever package of dashboard reports, which I created to show Excel's power to a client...
These example dashboards—prepared by an Excel-using employee—use charts and tables to show top-ten results for a medical device company.

Weekly & Monthly Top-Ten Activity Reports

When one of my readers, Chris Helfrecht, sent the two sample Excel dashboards below, he wrote that he tried to follow my methods for...
Spreadsheet users in businesses have distributed management dashboard reports for more than 30 years. Here's an example from the early days of spreadsheets.

The First Spreadsheet Dashboard: Mini-Graph Reports in Lotus 1-2-3

This is the first dashboard report ever created with spreadsheets. I worked on this reporting technique in the early 1980s, then included this report...
These Excel dashboards, inspired by long-running displays in business magazines, illustrate more ways to format your Excel reports.

Sample Excel Dashboard Reports from Forbes and Business Week

This mock-up is based on a format that Business Week used about thirty years ago. However, their report used a different color scheme. As...
Your Return On Equity ratio is a key indicator of financial health. This report lets you show the components of that ratio in a unique Excel display.

Map Your Financial Health With an Excel DuPont Dashboard

Management reporting is all about communication. Reporting Return On Equity (ROE) is a case in point. The ROE financial ratio is a key measure of...
Here's one way to highlight exceptional performance in your Excel management reports. You just need an Excel chart, its CHOOSE function, and linked pictures.

How to Create Excel Traffic Lights with Charts and Text

"Traffic lights" are a common feature offered by software designed for management reporting and analysis. Traffic lights provide at least two benefits. First, they alert...
If you have seasonal sales, or other measures of performance, Cycle Plots can offer more insight into your performance than traditional charting techniques.

How to Create Cycle Plots in Excel to Chart Seasonal Sales Data

If your company's sales are seasonable, you've probably seen a chart that looks something like the first one below. This Excel chart shows the continuous...
Most range names in Excel apply to the entire workbook. But you also can define them to apply only to one worksheet. Here's why and how to do that.

How and Why to Define Excel Range Names with a Worksheet Scope

In Excel, a name can be global to a workbook or local to a worksheet. The traditional method we all use when we create...

First Excel Dashboard Report Showing Financial Data for a Public Company

The figure below shows the first Excel dashboard to display data about a public company. Although this report looks quite similar to today's reports,...
The first time the general public saw Excel dashboards was in 1993 when Tektronix used this report to demonstrate the quality of their printers.

The First Excel Dashboard Report Shown in Public

Tektronix invented one of the early moderately priced color printers. When one of their employees saw a sample of my Excel dashboards from 1992, the...