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Excel-Friendly OLAP

Rather than presenting your data as tables, OLAP presents your data as multidimensional cubes. Excel-friendly OLAP products support worksheet functions that allow you to read data from—and WRITE data to—cubes in memory that are saved on a server.

Excel-friendly OLAP databases can give Excel formulas real-time, read-write access to Big Data...while reducing users' workload and errors.

What the Heck Is an Excel-Friendly OLAP Database?

An OLAP database is a type of technology, just as a Relational database is a type of technology. "OLAP" stands for On-Line Analytical Processing". But...
Excel's critics say that Excel is unsuited for budgeting, forecasting, and other activities that involve collaboration or consolidation. But they ignore one key word.

Is Excel Planning a Mistake?

One of Excel's most widely quoted critics is Robert D. Kugel, Senior Vice President and Research Director for Ventana Research. For years, he's opposed spreadsheets consistently....
Three OLAP products can combine with Excel to create a powerful system for company-wide reporting, planning, and analysis.

Excel-Friendly OLAP Products

To my knowledge, only two companies offer OLAP databases that can give Excel users easy and scalable read-write access to massive quantities of data....
Excel can be the key component of a powerful and inexpensive Business Intelligence (BI) system. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Excel Is Great for Business Intelligence!

With the right access to data, Excel can become an outstanding Business Intelligence (BI) system. Business Intelligence (BI) is the systematic use of information about...

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