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Formulas & Functions

Virtually everything business users do with Excel involves worksheet formulas and functions. And this category concentrates on that topic.

This category also includes what Microsoft calls “Names”—which many of us call “Range Names.” More accurately, however, “Names” are named formulas.

Check tags for information about specific functions.

These tables summarize the performance of Excel's 15 worksheet functions use different methods to round data.

Overview of Excel’s Rounding Functions

Since Version 2013, Excel has offered 15 functions that round data in different ways. The first table describes each function briefly. The second table summarizes...
Excel's SUMPRODUCT function offers much of the power of Excel array formulas, but without special treatment.

Use Excel’s SUMPRODUCT to Summarize Worksheet Data

After I posted  The Most Powerful Ways to Summarize Excel Data for Reporting and Analysis, a reader asked why I hadn't discussed the SUMPRODUCT function. I...
Here are nineteen examples of common date calculations used in Excel reports and analyses, using worksheet functions like DATE, EDATE, EOMONTH, and others.

Nineteen Date Calculations in Excel

Excel reports and analyses typically include date calculations. But many Excel users have large gaps in their knowledge about this topic. So in this article,...
Here's how I created the formula that calculates the breakeven sales volume for a prospective change in product prices.

Should You Raise Prices? Should You Lower Them? Derivation of the Formula For Planning...

The article, Should You Raise Prices? Or Should You Lower Them? These Excel Charts Can Help You Answer Those Questions, introduces the Price-Change formula....
When we import data into Excel, dates can arrive in formats that Excel wasn't designed to translate. Here are some ways to make sense of unusual dates.

How to Convert Unusual Date Text Imported to Excel

When you import data into Excel, dates often arrive in formats that Excel doesn’t recognize. This is particularly true if your data comes from...
Do you spend hours each period turning raw data into useful information? You can fight such Spreadsheet Hell with help from three key Excel functions.

How to Fight Spreadsheet Hell with Three Excel Lookup Functions

(I wrote this long ago, and there's much to be added. It's high on my Update list. Charley) Many Excel users build their reports like...
This table summarizes the performance of Excel's worksheet functions primarily designed to work with dates

Overview of Excel’s Date Functions

At last count, Excel 365 offers 25 worksheet functions that return date or time information. The links are to the Microsoft help topics for each...
SUMPRODUCT is one of Excel's most-powerful function for summarizing data. It offers much of the power of array formulas, but without the complications.

How to Use SUMPRODUCT in Excel to Summarize Worksheet Data

After I posted  The Most Powerful Ways to Summarize Excel Data for Reporting and Analysis, a reader asked why I hadn't discussed the SUMPRODUCT function. I told him...
How to calculate and highlight the standard error of the estimate on each side of the trend in an Excel chart to make exceptional results stand out.

Highlight Normal Results in Line Charts to Make Exceptional Results Stand Out

Line charts that show trends in performance are the most useful type of chart that management reports can contain. All managers want good performance to...
You need a volatile workbook to test Excel calculation speeds. Here's how I set one up to test lookup formulas.

A Volatile Workbook to Test Calculation Times for Excel Lookup Methods

In Use Excel VBA to Test Report Calculation Times I described a macro that finds the total time necessary to calculate Excel for a specified number...

Latest Articles

The LET function is the most powerful function that Microsoft has released for Excel in years. Here's an introduction to its features.

How to Use Excel’s LET Function

In the summer of 2020, Microsoft introduced the LET function for Excel 365—one of the most-significant new worksheet functions that Microsoft has introduced in...
You can ratchet down errors in your Excel reports by using an Error Summary Table that uses conditional formatting to alert you to errors.

How to Set Up an Automatic Error-Checking System in Excel Reports

Decades ago, I worked as a cost accountant for a large company. But because our department received terrible reports, I wrote my own reports...using...
Here's how to create an Excel array from two others, with the arrays stacked either one on top of the other, or side-by-side, like books on a shelf.

How to Stack and Shelve Dynamic Arrays

While using Excel 365 recently, I needed to create one dynamic array that would consist of two arrays, with one stacked on top of...