Thursday, February 22, 2024
Here's how I created the formula that calculates the breakeven sales volume for a prospective change in product prices.

Should You Raise Prices? Should You Lower Them? Derivation of the Formula For Planning...

The article, Should You Raise Prices? Or Should You Lower Them? These Excel Charts Can Help You Answer Those Questions, introduces the Price-Change formula....
Excel is a great tool for creating business plans. But one massive Excel business plan offers some great ideas about what NOT to do.

How to Audit and Improve Excel Business Plans

A client, who's a business-finance consultant, recently was hired to improve the financial forecast for a major startup company. He recently sent me the...
Which is faster: VLOOKUP? Or INDEX-MATCH? Here are the test results.

Excel’s Fastest Lookup Methods: The Tested Results

This article presents the results of my tests to find Excel’s fastest lookup method. I discussed the report workbook in A Volatile Workbook to Test Calculation...
You need a volatile workbook to test Excel calculation speeds. Here's how I set one up to test lookup formulas.

A Volatile Workbook to Test Calculation Times for Excel Lookup Methods

In Use Excel VBA to Test Report Calculation Times I described a macro that finds the total time necessary to calculate Excel for a specified number...

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Excel Flowbook Revolution

Getting Radical with Excel

It's time to think about Excel in a radical new way—when we use it to work with business or economic data. It's time, in fact,...
Growing too fast can be dangerous to your company's health. Use the Sustainable Growth Rate ratio to track your company's financial ability to grow.

How Fast Is Too Fast?

(Originally published in Inc Magazine.) What typically tops the list of worries of the chief executive officers of fast growing companies? Financing that growth, according...